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About Activity rules

PRPC includes standard activities, flows, and flow actions that you can use to start and advance flows without implementing user forms. Theses rule (collectively known as the Process API) can support PRPC business processing through Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) facilities including agents and service activities.

Business process management applications can use an external portal or external system and call PRPC services that in turn call Process API rules to create work items, advance the work items through a flow, perform assignments, and so on.

To see a list of the Process API rules, select > Process & Rules > Processes> APIs, or select Help> APIs > Process to open the APIs gadget. Click the expand icon ( ) in a row header to learn more about each activity, flow, or flow action.

API activity basics

API activities are final rules; the names and results are not expected to change in future releases.

By default, results of an API activity are recorded on an output page of class Code-ProcessOutput. The default output page name is pyOutput, but you can choose another page name through the OutputPageName parameter.

The output parameter status contains the text value success for successful execution, or the word fail followed by text indicating an error classification. The embedded page ErrorMessages provides additional detail on errors.

Review the History and Parameter tabs of each activity for additional information.

See Standard activities for use in flows for flows that present user forms. See also Standard activities of type Activity for other important standard activities.

Several extension point activities — empty placeholders for that you can override — are also part of this API. See Standard activities — Extension points.

Definitions screen flow, service activity, work party
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