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About Flows

Your system includes dozens of standard flows for your use or tailoring. This table identifies some standard flows that you can reference, or copy and modify.

NoteTo start execution of a standard flow, a user must hold either the standard privilege AllFlows or a standard privilege named FlowZzzzz, where Zzzzz is the name of the standard flow. Except for the guest access role role, the standard access roles all provide access to the AllFlows privilege.

Use the Records Explorer to see a complete list of the standard and custom flows available to you, based on your RuleSet list and security.

Flows in the Work- base class



BPMN Template rule for flows that use BPMN notation.
ConnectionProblem Supports notification, retries, and repair of connector tasks in flow executions. See Handling connector exceptions.
, EngageExternal
Implements the directed Web access feature.
FeedbackDiscussion Completes a request sent by one user for advice or assistance. Part of the standard flow Work-.RequestAssistance, that supports a form of peer-to-peer collaboration. PROJ-585
FinishPolicyOverride Support review of suspended work objects. See Understanding policy overrides and suspended work items.
FixCorrespondence Supports detection and routing of failed correspondence. See Understanding the Pega-ProCom agent.
FixWork Supports resolution of flow errors by an administrator.
FlowProblems Creates an assignment for a designated operator who is to address flow errors. Your flows can start this flow (identifying the assignee as a parameter) if they detect a flow error, a situation suggesting incorrect or incomplete configuration, that requires attention. See flow errors.
NewWork Creates a work item, makes one assignment, and adds a confirmation note attachment.
Notify Allows generation of correspondence; the user can select one correspondence rule from a list. Can be called as a subflow.
RequestAssistance Supports collaboration among application users by allowing them to create a discussion thread, captured as a sequence of note attachments. See collaboration flow. PROJ-585
SendCorrespondence Sends correspondence that requires verification by a supervisor.
StandardParallelWork Provides an example of Split/Join processing.
VerifySendCorr Sends correspondence that requires verification by a supervisor.

Flows in classes derived from Work-



A flow for a cover object, enforcing a requirement that the cover object cannot be resolved until all of its associated covered work items are resolved.
Work-Folder-. NewWork A basic flow for a folder work object.
Supports an operator who examines scanned document images (acquired through the Pega Document Scanning tool) and qualifies the work items. Part of the PegaSample sample application.R-6987 GROVS 1/10/03
NoteThis flow requires a workbasket named ScannedDocuments@organization, where organization is the key to the Organization data instance associated with the operator using the flow. See About Pega Document Scanning.

A flow in the PegaSample sample application that demonstrates covers.

A flow in the PegaSample sample application that demonstrates a screen flow.
A flow in the PegaSample sample application that demonstrates navigating a folder.
A flow in the PegaSample sample application that demonstrates inline Word editing.
PegaSample-Task.SimpleProcess A simple flow in the PegaSample sample application.

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