screen flow

Many input procedures are most effectively handled by presenting a user with a series of simple forms that each require only one or a few questions to be answered. After submitting a form, a user receives another simple form (with more questions) that may depend on previous answers. At any point, users can backtrack to review, or change, previous answers.

PRPC can support such interactions with screen flows, a flow rule with specific settings on shapes in the flow diagram.

Three run-time presentations are available to allow users to navigate within a screen flow execution at run time:


To see and interact with an example flow that uses the breadcrumbs control within the Designer Studio, select > Integration > Import > Rule from File.

To see and interact with the tabbed presentation, select> Process and Rules > Find Rules > Find by a Custom Field.

The standard flow rule PegaSample-CustomerRequest.CustomerFeedback provides another screen flow example. For example, these flow actions appear in one sequence of use of this rule:




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