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Adaptive Model form
Completing the Predictors tab

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The Predictors tab is divided into two sections:

If an adaptive model does not have explicitly defined predictors, ADM dynamically adjusts to keep all information encountered within its internal data representation. Which data inputs you should use to define predictors depends on the potential predictive performance. Predictors should be monitored through the behavior profile that analyzes the most important predictive fields detected by the adaptive analytics engine as it learns.

Note: The capability of using predictors depends on the Entitled to use predictors in adaptive models setting in the Services landing page. If this setting is disabled, you can define and use adaptive models in your application, but these models cannot operate based on predictive data.

In the Predictors section, you can add as many rows as your need for predictors. Select existing single-value properties, or create new properties. You can also define predictors based on existing adaptive model parameters. Use one of the following options to add predictors:

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