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Adaptive Model form
Completing the Outcomes tab

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Use this tab to define the possible outcome values to associate with positive or negative behavior. The values defined for positive and negative outcome should coincide with the outcome definition as configured in the interaction rule running the strategy containing the adaptive models configured by the adaptive model rule.

In the Positive Outcome and Negative Outcome sections, select the values in the outcome dimension. The models in ADM configured by this adaptive model learn from the settings defined in these sections. The SmartPrompt displays the possible values defined in the system for the outcome dimension (for example, Accept and Reject).

Adaptive model learning is based on the outcome dimension in Interaction History. The behavior dimension could be defined by the behavior level (for example, Positive) or combination of behavior and response (for example, Positive-Accepted). Adaptive models upgraded to the Pega 7 Platform preserve the value corresponding to the response level in the behavior dimension (for example, Accepted), but not the value corresponding to the behavior level.

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