Portuguese Language Pack for Pega Platform

The Portuguese language pack is a collection of language-specific rulesets provided by Pegasystems to support localization of applications.

Predictive Analytics Director (PAD)

Pega Predictive Analytics Director (PAD) offers business-focused tools to rapidly develop models that accurately predict customer behaviors, such as offer acceptance, churn or credit risk.

Visual Business Director (VBD)

Pega Visual Business Director offers real-time visibility and control over customer strategy, leveraging the power of Pega Decision Management and Business Process Management to rapidly model and execute an approach.

Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX)

Business Intelligence Exchange (BIX) enables organizations to combine data from Pega 7 systems, legacy applications, web portals, and other sources in order to provide a more complete picture of their business.

Federated Case Management

Federated Case Management (FCM) uses the Pega Web Mashup connectivity to link Pega 7 Platform applications in a federation.

Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM)

With Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM), you don’t need to be an expert in programming or math to design and execute sophisticated decision strategies that engage your customers throughout the customer journey.

Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM)

Pega Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM) learns on the fly with each interaction what works best.

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