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Add new Channel to Volume Constraints

Hello @Sriram!

We are using Pega version 8.1.6 and Pega Marketing 8.1

Thank you!

11/25/2019 - 10:48
Importing offers from csv file

Hello chandrasekhar_g,

Thank you for your answer.

The first set of rule types reside in the Artifacts ruleset and...

07/24/2019 - 09:54
Real-Time Events are Generating Broken Queues

Hi chinn2,

ExternalMKTData database is not having access to PegaDATA.

About the context dictionary, when we try to save it we...

07/15/2019 - 12:47
Real-Time Events are Generating Broken Queues

Yes we have, but the issue was not solved.

07/12/2019 - 08:23
How do we extend RES HTTP service to save other properties to IH?

Can anyone please help me with this?

Thank you!

02/15/2019 - 07:51