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pr_sys_statusnodes table empty

what is your database platform and pega platform version?

02/04/2020 - 16:40
Requestor Pooling for Services

that is right, this is a doc bug which Pega is already aware of.

02/03/2020 - 10:22
Generate unique id

what kind of request are you referring to here? A http request (e.g., Service-REST call) or something else?

01/31/2020 - 13:48
Importing external jar files application - > Distribution - > Import

It could potentially break certain features if your jars are conflicting with Pega OOTB jars. You should disable or remove those jars to confirm. The jars you listed are generic and likely to be...

01/31/2020 - 10:44
Separating Elastic Search Cluster Outside Of Pega (PRPC74 Version).

Moving search to an independent service is the direction we are going but not available in Pega 7.4 I believe - note that even now it is not completely independent as you do need Pega plugins, but...

01/31/2020 - 10:39
Difference in Search Funcitonality for version less than Pega 7.4 and Pega 8.x

This link has all the info about pega search:

01/31/2020 - 10:24
Finesse via UCCX 11.6 with Pega

Check this:

01/29/2020 - 20:02
Updating the Job Scheduler in Production Environment

Check the last response of this link:

01/29/2020 - 12:18
Unable to create an Application in 8.3

You should first find out why the stream service failed to join, that is the culprit of other errors, most likely. Stream service is required for QPs, including 

01/28/2020 - 14:03
Kafka port issue - Pega 8.2.2

see the link:

01/28/2020 - 13:58