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User performed a upgrade of application from PRPC  6.3 SP1 to Pega 7.3, and found that screenshot attachment is not working with Chrome browser.

On click of the screenshot link a popup window is coming. However the drop down is not listing the available windows screens to capture the screen shot.


<%=tools.getLocalizedTextForString(".pyCaption", "Screen Capture Feature was not loaded successfully.")%>


  1. Navigate to the screen to capture the screen shot in a screen slow.
  2. Click on the button to attach the screen shotsA popup window comes to add the screen shots
  3. Observe that the drop down fails to display the screens available.


This issue was determined to be a product enhancement request.


Here's an explanation for the behavior:

The Chrome browser does not support the screenshot functionality present in the AttachmentHTML section rule because the section rule uses an ActiveX control to get the information for the display of the window names and ActiveX is not supported in Chrome browser. 

This use of ActiveX and its dependency on Internet Explorer has always been the case in Pega for the screen capture functionality and is not ‘new’ to Pega 7.3, so this functionality has never worked with Chrome browser and there is no alternative implementation within Pega for screen capture specifically when using Chrome browser. 

In Pega 7.3 the use of ActiveX is deprecated as detailed in the following PDN article:


This means that there is limited support for the ActiveX screen capture feature even in Internet Explorer and it is not recommended for use with new application or new feature development (refer to the full article for full details). 
This article also provides suggestions on what could be used as an alternative for screen captures as follows:


User use the following alternative tools for ActiveX-based Pega Platform features:

 For screen captures, use SnagIt, GreenShot, or ScreenCapture. Additionally, the Chrome Web Store offers a variety of tools that can be used.


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Product Version: Pega Platform, 7.3


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