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Designer Studio basics

Designer Studio gives development team members the tools and information they need to build and extend enterprise applications. It is available to users who specify Developer as one of the portals associated with their access group.

The following components are available in Designer Studio:




This component appears at the top of Designer Studio.

The header identifies the currently selected application and enables you to start processes, search for items, and create new rules and applications.

Commonly used tools in the header include:


For details on all of the available options in the header, see Using the header and developer toolbar.

Work area

This component appears in the center of Designer Studio.

The work area displays rule forms, lists of records, wizards, landing pages, the home page, and other tools or forms.

You can have multiple items open in the work area. An operator preference controls whether these items display as tabs.

Developer toolbar

This component appears at the bottom of Designer Studio.

The developer toolbar offers advanced tools such as Tracer and the Clipboard. It also contains system information and a link to the Pega Discovery Network.

For more details, see Using the header and developer toolbar.

Explorer panel

This component is a panel on the left side of the Designer Studio.

Click any icon to load content:

  • Recent: Display and access up to 20 recently opened rules or data instances, wizard items, instance lists, landing pages, and cases.

  • Cases: Open and review the case types in your current application. The tree structure helps you identify parent-child relationships. See Creating a hierarchy of case types.

  • Data: Review the data types in your current application and the data pages that are associated with them. You can filter the results by application or applies to class.

  • App: Review or open the records that belong to your current and built-on applications. The tree structure organizes rules by class, category, rule type, and instance. See Using the Application Explorer.

  • Records: Open a list of records in your system organized by category and type. See About the Records Explorer.

  • Favorite: Review and update your personal or access group favorites. See About the Favorites Explorer.


Home page

This component loads in the work area of Designer Studio each time you log in.

Use the home page to get high level information, such as the number of guardrail warnings in your application, a list of assigned tasks, or an overview of the new features in Pega Platform.

For more details on all of the available options on the home page, see Working with the home page.

Note: When you create an application with Application Express, the Application Overview landing page appears in the Designer Studio work area instead of the home page.