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Modifying information in the Data form History tab

Forms for many Data- classes include a uniform History tab. By default, the system stores history instances for data objects as rows of the pr_history_data table.

To modify information in the History tab, do the following:

  1. In the Full Description field, enter descriptive text about this data instance.
  2. In the Usage field, enter text for later reference that describes any special considerations, usage, or other facts about this instance.
  3. Click View Full History to open a new window that displays the previous history of this instance since it was created in or moved to the current system.
  4. To add a memo, enter text in the Add Memo field and then click  Add Memo  to add the text to the memo area in the top part of the form. This text becomes part of the history.
  5. Select the check boxes for any two versions of this rule to compare them by using the Rule Compareutility. When you have selected two versions, click  Compare  to view the comparison.
  6. The Edit iconPencil, if present, indicates that an earlier version of this data instance is available.

If the checkout capability applies to the ruleset that contains this data instance, you can click the Edit iconPencilin the row below the history line of interest to see an older, historical copy of this data instance. You can then use the Restoring an earlier copy of a rule after check-in button to make the older copy the current copy.