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Creating a Keystore data instance

Create a Keystore data instance for your keystore file, which contains keys and certificates used, for example, to support Web Services Security and outbound email security. You can source a keystore from a data page, a URL, or an external file in one of the following standard formats: JKS, JWK, PKCS12, KEYTAB, or KEY. Keystore data instances can be referenced in the Keystore and Truststore fields for record types such as WS Security Profile data instances and REST connectors.

Note: When providing a reference to URL, if the required HTTPS certificate is not present in the cacerts keystore, the "Failed to get JWK Keys" error is thrown. To fix the error, import the certificate into the cacerts keystore and restart the server.

  1. In Designer Studio, click Records > Security > Keystore.

  2. Click Create.

  3. In the Short description field, enter a name for the keystore.

  4. In Keystore field, enter an ID for the keystore.

  5. Click Create and open.

  6. In the Keystore location field, choose one of the following options to select the source of the keystore:

  7. Click Save.