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About the Connector and Metadata Accelerator

The Connector and Metadata Accelerator imports information about an external application or system and generates rules and data objects that your Pega 7 Platform applications can use to communicate with that external system. You use this accelerator to generate connector rules or data mapping rules. The accelerator uses a flow to guide you through the process of creating a service. Because it uses a flow, the data you enter about the rules is stored as a work item.

Generate Connector Rules

Select this option when you want to generate the rules and data objects necessary for your application to send messages to or make requests of external systems and then process the results or response. The Connector and Metadata Accelerator can parse WSDL files, import Java class metadata through introspection, and connect to and then determine the tables and column names in an external database. It then converts the resulting information into the class, property, activity, and connector rules necessary to build a connector.

The accelerator can generate rules for only those connector types that communicate with external systems through protocols or technologies that can expose information or metadata about the construction of that external application. You can use the accelerator to generate connectors for EJB, Java, .NET, SAP, SOAP, and SQL.

Before you begin, see About generating connector rules.

See also the PDN document Creating Connectors with the Connector and Metadata Accelerator for step-by-step instructions about using this accelerator.

Generate Data Mapping Rules

Select this option when you want to perform one of the following tasks:

Starting the Accelerator

To start the accelerator, select Designer Studio> Integration > Connectors >Create Other Integration.

Updating classes and properties after WSDL or XSD changes

If you have produced a SOAP connector using the Metadata and Connector Accelerator, and later obtain updated WSDL or XSD files, you do not need to re-run the accelerator. You can generate the needed class and property changes from the XML Stream rule form and XML Parse rule form:

  1. Using Save As, copy the current XML Stream rule or XML Parse rule into an unlocked RuleSet version.
  2. Identify the XSD or WSDL file on the XML tab.
  3. Click the Update button on the Mapping tab.
  4. Save the rule form.

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