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About Sections

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About sections

Use sections in conjunction with harnesses to define the appearance of user forms, rule forms, or composite portals.

A section defines the appearance and contents of one portion of a form.

Work information and functionality are grouped into sections by context and purpose. Each section can be included in other sections so that you can reuse them in a variety of contexts.

The Pega 7 Platform contains dozens of standard harnesses and sections. You can copy and tailor these standard forms to meet your application needs.


Layouts organize properties and controls within a section.

Layout cells contain properties, labels, controls, or other sections. There are various types of layouts that dictate how cells are arrayed. Layouts can be automatically converted into a sections so that they can be reused in other harnesses, sections, or flow actions.


Information about a work item is entered or displayed in controls such as text areas, drop-down lists, check boxes, or calendars. Many controls are configured so that they meet, without further refinement, most of your process requirements. To add a control, drag and drop it onto a layout cell.

From the toolbar in a section, you can add layouts and controls to your section.


Accordion Dynamic Select Layout
  Section Tab    
  Dynamic layout Smart layout

Repeating layout

Freeform layout  


Button Check box Calendar Dropdown
  Icon Label Radio Buttons TextArea
  Input Box        


AutoComplete Chart Data Field List to List
  Menu Bar Paragraph Rich Text Editor Smart Label

Where referenced

Rules of the following types can reference a section:


Use Application Explorer to access sections that apply to the work types in your application. Use the Records Explorer to list all the sections available to you.


For sections that use the SmartFrames format, you can maintain the section directly from the Harness rule form (as well as from the Section form).


Sections are instances of the Rule-HTML-Section class. They are part of the User Interface category.

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