starter flow rule

A starterflow is a flow that supports creation of a case. These are also called starting processes.

You can make a flow rule a starter flow in either of two ways:

Case Type rule

The Starting Process list, on the Processes tab of the Case Type rule form, allows you to select a flow rule in the case type (starter or non-starter) and designate it as a starter flow. When you enter at least one flow rule, the case type rule – not the Creates a new work object? check box on the Flow rule's Process tab – defines all the starter flows in the case type. The system disables the check box on all Flow rule forms in the case type, and designates flows not in this list as non-starter flows. If you leave this list blank, configure starter flows using the check box on the Flow rule form.


The Creates a new work object? check box on the Process tab of the Flow form marks a flow rule as a starter flow rule. A flow rule called or branched to by another flow rule is sometimes called a subprocess.

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