parent flow

A parent flow of a flow execution is the flow rule that contains the call, branch, spinoff or shape that started the current flow execution (a subprocess). For example, if a flow named Classify contains a Subprocess shape (Subprocess or Flow) that starts a subprocess named Research on the same work item, then Classify is the parent of the Research subprocess.

This is not a permanent or static relationship. For example, the Classify flow creates work item W-1001; the Classify then starts the Research flow, so Classify is at that point the parent of Research for part of the history of W-1001. However, another Work object W-1007 can be created by a different flow which also calls the Research flow.

The work item history display identifies parent flows. Additionally, when a user clicks the Where-am-I? button (Where-am-I?), the resulting window shows the currently executing subprocess, the parent of that subprocess (if any), and the parent of that subprocess, and so on. This ordered list is known as the flow stack.

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