flow model

A flow model is a flow rule which is marked in as Draft mode. Even when the availability of the flow rule is set to Yes, a flow model may contain references to activities, properties, and other rules that do not yet exist or are not available.

You also can test a flow model interactively, though much of the full flow capability is not yet available. When you test a flow, interactive links display on forms with missing rules and flow actions allowing you to create them on the fly without exiting the flow.

Saving a flow model in an application created by Application Express

An application created by Application Express has an internal property (pzIsPrototypeMode) set to true, that indicates that the application is was created by Application Express for experimentation and demonstration purposes. In the Designer Studio, when your current application has its pzIsPrototypeMode set to true, the system automatically performs certain actions, including creating or regenerating rules, when you save a flow that is in draft mode.

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