draft mode

Draft mode is a setting that allows you to create and model flows with shapes that contain rules and flow actions that are not yet defined or complete.

When all properties, shapes, activities and other aspects of the rule are complete, edit the diagram again, click the Draft button to exit draft mode, and save the rule form.

For ease in developing applications, this mode allows you to define and save flows that reference rules and flow actions that do not exist. You can test incomplete flows in Draft mode using the Run button on the toolbar or select Availability> Run> Process When you test a flow, links display on forms with missing rules and flow actions allowing you to create them on the fly without exiting the flow.

For information about working with flows in draft mode, see PDN article How to create and test a flow model.

Although you can execute a draft flow on a development system, the rule cannot be executed in a system when that system's production level is set to 5.

Saving a draft mode flow in an application created by Application Express

An application created by Application Express has an internal property (pzIsPrototypeMode) set to true, that indicates that the application is was created by New Application Wizard for experimentation and demonstration purposes. In the Designer Studio, when your current application has its pzIsPrototypeMode set to true, the system automatically performs certain actions, including creating or regenerating rules, when you save a flow that is in draft mode.

Rules with Availability No/Draft

The availability value No/Draft marks a rule that is unavailable. Such rules may contain fields that do not pass validation and are not included in rule resolution.

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