Service-level agreement

A service-level agreement defines intervals of time that are used to standardize how you resolve work in your application. You can apply a service-level agreement to: cases, stages, steps, flows, and assignments.

Resolution times are measured as follows:

Tip: Use Case Designer to define service-level agreements for a cases, stages, and steps.

The Pega-ProCom agent detects service levels not achieved — unmet goals or deadlines — promptly. If a service-level agreement is not completed before the time limit, the system can automatically perform one or more actions such as notifying parties, escalating the assignment, reassigning the case, and so on.

Use the SLAs landing page (> Process and Rules > Processes > SLAs to identify the service-level agreements in the current application, and the flows or case types that reference them.

Case, stage, flow, and assignment service levels operate independently. For example:

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