Back Forward Designer Studio — Setting your preferences

Operator preferences allow you to customize the way Designer Studio presents information and interacts with you as you build applications. You can manually set some operator preferences, while others are automatically maintained by the system.


Manually managed preferences

Access all your manually managed preferences from the Operator menu. Each setting is retained between sessions until you explicitly change it.


To update a manually managed preference:

  1. Click Preferences in the Operator menu.

    The Operator menu is labeled with your full name and appears in the Designer Studio header.

  2. Change the values in any field and select or clear check boxes as required.

  3. Click Save to apply your changes.

To restore your preferences to the values that were assigned when you first created your operator, click Apply Default Preferences followed by Save.


You can update the following preferences.



Using skin

Select a skin rule from the list of options.

The name you specify overrides the skin specified in your portal rule. It is applied to processes you run from the +Create menu and any harness, section, or flow action that you open, edit, or preview.

Any circumstanced versions of your selected skin rule are evaluated at run time.

Auto checkout on save as

Select this check box to automatically check out a rule after you create it using the Save as option.

Ensure that your Operator ID and the appropriate rulesets support checkouts before you set this preference.

Swim-lane orientation

Select an option from the drop-down list to control the default presentation of swim lanes when you create a new flow.

Options include: Portrait or Landscape.

You cannot override this setting in the Flow form after a flow is created.


Enter your Project Management Framework (PMF) user ID in this field if it is different from your application ID.

The value you specify ensures that project work appears in your Project Worklist and your development updates are tracked in PMF. You can leave this field blank if your application ID and PMF ID are the same.

This option is visible when project tracking is enabled in your application. For more details, refer to the Project Management Framework User Guide on the PDN.

Include tabs

Select this check box to display open items as tabs in the Designer Studio work area.

Clear this check box to include only one item at a time in the Designer Studio work area. When you close an item , the next, most recent item loads in the Designer Studio work area. Use the Recent Explorer to make navigation among open items easier.

You must log out of Designer Studio for updates to this preference to take effect.


Automatically managed preferences

Some preferences are detected by the system as you make selections in Designer Studio. These preferences persist between sessions and you do not have to explicitly manage their values.

Automatically managed preferences include:


Working with preferences

Each preference is associated with your operator or a specific access group tied to your operator.

Use the following rules to systematically set and retrieve your preferences:

When you remove an access group from your Operator ID form, you also remove any preferences that are associated with it.