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Your Java activity step can access PRPC facilities, using the classes and interfaces in the* packages. JavaDocs documentation for this Application Programmer Interface in the location as the Application Developer Help System.

This PublicAPI Interface is the official, supported public interface to the rules engine. Pegasystems intends to maintain backward compatibility in new releases for the APIs accessible through these packages, although this cannot be guaranteed. In contrast, other packages and interfaces are subject to change without notice.

For example, these two PublicAPI Java methods are part of the ClipboardProperty interface to the package. They get and set properties on a page: NORIR 10/04/04

NoteDon't confuse the Public API with the Desktop API, a collection of JavaScript functions, or the Process Engine API, a collection of activities for work items.


To access the home page of the JavaDocs pages for the Public API, select Help > APIs > Engine. (The Public APIs are sometimes called the Engine APIs).

The keyword tools identifies the PublicAPI interface in Java calls.

The PublicAPI includes these classes:*; // Classes common to most public interfaces.*; //Clipboard, Page, and Property*; // Requestor, Thread, and Node*; // Relational database access*; // Dictionary validation interface*; // Java generation*; // Reports statistics about a Thread*; //Activities, Data Transforms, Whens, Streams*; // Miscellaneous utilities

Private methods

CautionUse of PRPC Java packages, classes, methods, or interfaces that are not part of the public interface is strongly discouraged and may result in code that fails or returns incorrect results with future releases or on specific platforms. STEWS 8/22/02

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