Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud

Pega® Predictive Diagnostic Cloud provides detailed insight into your system's performance. It continually evaluates various areas of your system such as Pega Platform configuration, application logic, and database to identify high-value improvement opportunities. Predictive Diagnostic Cloud introduces clarity and promotes better understanding of system errors and issues, so that expert-level knowledge is not required for regular maintenance tasks. Instead, these tasks can be performed by business users with Certified System Architect knowledge. Predictive Diagnostic Cloud proactively engages the right resources and people to effectively resolve performance problems. You can now monitor your system to ensure that it operates seamlessly and drives the results that you want.

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Getting started

Pega Platform integrates seamlessly with Predictive Diagnostic Cloud. Enabling the Predictive Diagnostic Cloud service on-premises deployment takes only a few minutes. If your system is running on Pega Cloud, it has already been integrated with Predictive Diagnostic Cloud.

PDC Security

The Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud application is built on Pega Platform and hosted in a dedicated private cloud on Pega Cloud. Customers have access only to their system data, based on their unique URL, and cannot see other customers' information or data. All data transmission is one-way, from the application to Predictive Diagnostic Cloud.

Diagnostic data

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud receives diagnostic data from alerts, guardrails, exceptions, and performance statistics that Pega Platform generates. To understand and resolve the issues that Predictive Diagnostic Cloud lists, you must have basic knowledge of Pega Platform alert messages and log data.