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As Pega Agilists, we are committed to enabling the transformative power of Agility. Pega’s Agile methodologies promote the delivery of reliable, high-quality products that enable customers to drive business value and outcomes. The Pega Agile COE looks to achieve its mission by focusing on Agile Best Practices, Thought Leadership, Agile Training and Resource tools, shared experiences, and a diverse and growing ecosystem of users and evangelists.

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Brian Albere

Passionately dedicated to both individual and team development, Brian is an enthusiastic change agent who has been instrumental in integrating “next level” Agile performance throughout Pegasystems.  Certified as both a Scrum Master and Product Owner, Brian leverages his engineering and Agile experience to drive continuous improvement across teams, departments, and organizations.

Brian received his BS and MS in computer science from the University of New Hampshire where he was honored by the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences with the Computer Science Achievement Award.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brian has volunteered as a Course Supervisor with Landmark Worldwide, an international personal and professional growth, training and development company. Brian facilitated courses that enable and empower participants to more effectively produce results in life, and Brian continues to be involved with the production of the courses.

Brian’s strong background in computer science, his commitment to building Agile teams that thrive, and his experience facilitating group workshops make him a powerful Agile advocate within the software community at large. Brian is one of many valuable Scrum Masters at Pegasystems.


Sara Alterisio

Sara combines a drive for continuous improvement with a friendly and adaptive style that motivates and inspires her Scrum teams to reach their potential.

With a strong background working with development teams throughout the SWD lifecycle, Sara leverages her experience and her dedication to agile practice with best in class software.

“My practice as an agilest and Scrum Master is guided through my own principles such as living in the truth, commitment to a journey of continuous growth, and the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

Sara earned her B.S degree in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She is a certified Scrum Master who has completed the Agile Coaching Institute's 5-day intensive "Coaching Agile Teams" course which provided her a with solid foundation for growing her practice as a servant leader.

An avid reader of sci-fi novels, Sara enjoys backpacking, yoga and running in her personal time.  She also volunteers as a crisis counselor for the Crisis Text Line, where she provides support to those who are struggling in crisis with prevention, treatment and long-term care options.

Sara’s open and engaging style, her strong agile background and commitment to her teams makes her a valuable asset to her Scrum teams, her fellow Scrum Masters and the entire Pegasystems organization. 


Arudra Ayyapu

Arudra is a self-motivated individual who loves trying out new things for the betterment of teams. He is a Dedicated Scrum Master in Cloud Engineering who is helping the teams mature in terms of Agile Practices.

“I believe in keeping things transparent which will gain everyone’s trust ”

Aruda has the following credentials: Certified Scrum Master (CSM), PSM from, SAFe Agilist from Scaled Agile, Team Kanban Practitioner from Lean Kanban University, and Certified Devops Professional from Devops Union.

Arudra has received his Bachelor of Technology in the stream of Computer Science and Information Technology from JNTU- Hyderabad and is a member of the Scaled Agile Community. His expertise and contributions add significant value to his scrum teams and the Agile Community across the broader organization.


Sivakanth Badigenchala

Enthusiastic and hardworking, Sivakanth is a determined engineer and a passionate Agile professional with over seven years of enriched Agile experience as a Scrum Master, mentor, coach and a change agent in driving teams toward being Agile by principle. He involves, invents and grows along with the teams and helps them transform to be more Agile.

It's not over 'till its over. Just do it and never give up.


Sivakanth is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), SAFe Practitioner from Scaled Agile Academy, and a SAFe Agilist from Scaled Agile Academy. He has a  Masters of Technology in the stream of Computers and Communication and has professional affiliation to the Scrum Alliance.


Sivakanth’s knowledge, expertise, and coaching toward self-organization and accountability brings in a lot of value to his scrum teams, and his contribution towards the Agile Community at the Organization level is noteworthy.


Olga Egorova

Olga is a committed Scrum Master who brings a pragmatic and genuine approach to her core Engineering teams at Pegasystems.  Her straightforward yet insightful style allows her to comfortably lead and implement Agile practices while developing customer-driven solutions. Committed to improving cross-functional teams to identify the best solutions and increase efficiency, Olga excels at fostering collaboration that results in product improvement and customer satisfaction.

“Our world is changing. And I am here to bridge the gap between humans and technology.” 

A graduate of St. Petersburg State University in Russia, Olga speaks fluent English, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.  She is certified both as a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach, who has extensive technology experience in lean development, SDLC, Agile methodology, product management, and product implementation. Olga has devoted her free time volunteering to assist those who have limited English and who are economically disadvantaged with the goal of enabling them to realize economic self-sufficiency. 

A prolific songwriter, Olga also was a lead vocalist on an electronic trio, which has performed in festivals in Boston and New York. With her commitment to Agility, increasing cross team functionality, and thoughtful ideas for continuous improvement, Olga is a highly regarded Scrum Master within the Agile community at Pega.


Manjunatha G

An enthusiastic learner, Manju comes with rich experience playing the role of Scrum Master for multiple teams for the past 5+ years. He uses his learnings to help teams adopt Agile and Scrum appropriately and drives continuous improvement. Manju has experience in multiple roles, including Java Developer and Program Manager, before he chose to be a full time “Agilist”.

“I see myself as a change agent who will help teams achieve the next level of their potential by making them challenge the status quo.” 

A Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance, Manju has been a participant in regional Scrum seminars and gatherings in India. Manju holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Visvesvaraya technological university, Karnataka. He enjoys reading biographies, history, and about different cultures.

Manju’s keen interest to learn coupled with a passion to bring about a change for the better, makes him a valuable member of the Pega Agile community.


Patrycja Godlewska-Bielamowicz

Driven by continuous improvement, Patrycja seeks to build powerful and effective relationships between Development Teams and Product Owners. She explores future possibilities, reaching them using Kaizen. Her problem-solver attitude and analytical thinking serve her teams on a daily basis. As she loves to expand and share her knowledge, Patrycja drives a variety of training initiatives.

“What I like about Scrum is the invitation towards employing methods that suit specific teams’ needs. It is not prescriptive, it is not the ultimate solution. It is a way of thinking about value that flourishes when facts are brought up to front.” 

Certified as Professional Scrum Master II from, Patrycja is now working towards Professional Scrum Product Owner Certification. She holds ISTQB Foundation as well as ITIL Foundation certificates that enrich her holistic approach towards building software.

Patrycja received her Bachelor of Arts in Spatial Economy from University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. She attends numerous conferences and trainings to continuously deepen and re-discover the understanding of Agility. She contributes to BrassWillow’s blog and runs website for Polish Agilists.

Her ambition and openness make Patrycja a passionate Scrum Master who contributes wholeheartedly to enable change on both the team- and organization-level.


Bhanu Chander Golconda

Bhanu is a people-loving, high performance team nurturer, who started his career in the IT industry in 2006 as C/C++ Developer and has been a Scrum Master since 2013. He is a great admirer of Agile values and is a committed servant Leader. His team members often hear him stating, “Our problems can be solved by re-visiting the Agile Manifesto, principles and values". Teams trust his expertize and thoroughly enjoy his facilitation vis-à-vis scrum coaching. 

“Intention driven communication” and “Value driven delivery” are his prime mantras as an effective Scrum Master.

“I believe Agile is a simple thought provoking philosophy to face and deal with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). The ONLY need is that every industry must already have self-motivated individuals to learn, explore, innovate and deliver in spite of aforesaid chaos. If people lack motivation, counsel them otherwise. We, as servant-leaders, just need to coach them by asking the Right Questions to create the Right Value at the Right Time.” 

Bhanu is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering, a Certified Scrum Master via the Scrum Alliance, and certified in Management of Software Development from IIM, Calcutta.

An avid reader of philosophy, mythology, and technology, Bhanu also loves to watch movies and spend time with family, and friends. Bhanu is a dedicated Scrum Master who focuses his skills on continuous learning and innovation in order to empower engaged and productive teams.


Alexander Golin

Alexander is a passionate musician, a die-hard city boy, an outspoken proponent of user-centric design, and an empathetic humanist, sometimes to a fault.

Seeking to hybridize his education and combine his love of technology and people, Alexander graduated from Tufts University in May 2017 with a dual degree in Human Factors Engineering and Computer Science. Following graduation, he excitedly dove back into Pega as a developer on Casino Royale, after his prior internship with the team. With the help of some spectacular mentors at the company, Alexander transitioned to being a Scrum Master in February 2018, bent on empowering his peers and optimizing flow.

“My brief time at Pega has given me so much. I consider it my duty to return the favor.”

Alexander has made it his mission to bridge gaps and foster the most enriching work environment possible. A firm believer in humankind’s drive to connect and contribute, he seeks to do everything and anything he can to help his coworkers achieve their ultimate potential and fulfillment.

“The only reason I want to lead is so that I can serve. There is nothing more powerful than passionate people working perfectly in flow with each other and themselves. I intend to help us get there and stay there.”

In his free time, Alexander enjoys playing guitar and going to concerts. A born and bred rocker, some of his favorite genres are punk, metal, grunge, and emo.

“Whether you want to chat about impediments, improvements, death metal, or anything in between, drop me a line! My ears are always open to you!”

Mateusz Iwan

Mateusz is an experienced Software Development Engineer specializing in testing, and has worked in the IT industry for many years. He has over nine years of Quality Assurance experience, including a strong commitment to quality to help deliver product value by using Agile/Scrum practices. With his attention to detail, Mateusz consistently makes each team member feel like an integral part and a focal point for the project. As a committed Scrum Master, Mateusz focuses on the scrum process and also acts as a servant-leader for the team. He actively looks for opportunities for the team to improve.

Mateusz is a certified as a Professional Scrum Master I from He is now preparing for the Professional Scrum Product Owner certification.

Mateusz graduated from the Cracow University of Technology and received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Being a huge enthusiast of downhill mountain biking and snowboarding, Mateusz spends a lot of his free time on mountain trails. This activity has also taught him a valuable lesson: all impediments can be overcome by using agility practices and control our fears.

Mateusz is open-minded, has a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Being a true agile player, he has the confidence that you can turn any problem a team is facing into a challenge.


Jessica Komarek

As a Certified Scrum Master, Jessica combines her love of teams with a decade of software engineering experience to build camaraderie and create a positive “can do” Agile development environment at Pegasystems. Jessica is a team-oriented coach who values people, wears many hats and exemplifies servant leadership within her engineering teams. Her industry background ranges from mobile weather applications, to graphical presentations for meterologists to flight following applications for airline dispatchers. This all lead Jessica to core Engineering platform improvements for Pega.

“I love seeing a group of people come together and produce great things. As a Scrum Master, I get to facilitate and encourage my teams to be better than the sum of their parts and produce great work while having fun doing it. Watching them achieve their goals is the best feeling.” 

Jessica has a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Plymouth State University. She is a certified Scrum Master, a certified Agile Coach and is Pega CSA certified.

In her personal time, Jessica continues her commitment to being a team player as a member of both a women’s and a co-ed ball hockey team. Jessica’s genuine and supportive style integrated with her “team first” mentality creates a proactive environment within her Scrum teams as well as the Pegasystems software community.


Arkadiusz Krzysztof

A pragmatic approach and attention to detail are the top characteristics of Arek’s attitude to implementing Scrum within software development teams. Arek ensures teams are able to leverage Agile strengths and eliminate inconsistencies on a daily basis. In addition, he is known within the local community for making meetings and events more attractive, introducing fresh ideas and driving them to execution.

Certified as a Professional Scrum Master I from (2016), he is currently preparing for the PSM II assessment. Arek is also developing his technical skills, which has resulted in achieving Senior System Architect certification from Pegasystems Inc. (2017).

Arek received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jagiellonian University in Kraków, and is also currently enrolled in an MBA of Information Technology Systems program, offered by Cracow University of Economics. After work, he spends considerable amount of time on DIY and tinkering, but also enjoying outstanding TV series.

With a positive mindset and a down-to-earth view of development processes, Arek is a valuable asset to teams and the community, ensuring that Scrum provides guidance to boosting up product implementations.


Manjari Kumar

Manjari is a true Agile practitioner who models the skills and mindset of agile, along with the responsibilities of being a Scrum Master. Manjari truly knows the difference between doing Agile and being Agile. As a Scrum Master, Manjari is the servant leader to her teams as well as to the larger organization. She is an expert at building high performing, self-organizing teams that deliver quality solutions with a naturally low operational overhead, whilst developing and maintaining a magnificent team spirit.

“I am a highly motivated team player who believes in getting things done whilst taking organizations on a value driven Agile journey. My philosophy is offering the right knowledge, at the right time, taught in the right way, so that individuals, teams and organization metabolize the knowledge for their best benefit.” 

A Certified Scrum Practitioner (CSP®) as well as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) from Scrum Alliance, Manjari has also achieved a Masters in Business Administration from ICFAI Business School, Bangalore, and is an active member of Universal Agile and the Scrum Community of Practice.

Manjari is a courageous and insightful decision maker who challenges traditional practices to push for  the best results for her teams. Her passion about human relationships, participatory and transformational learning, and self-organization, makes her a true asset.


G.L Sandhya

Sandhya is a people loving person, whose focus areas are commitment, honesty, and having fun at work. She has been passionate in mentoring people and coaching teams in adopting Agile and leveraging the flexibilities that Agile defines.

Being an Agile evangelist, I always strive for experiments while sticking to the core practices. I believe that trust and empowerment of people can yield success to teams, so we should work toward building empowered teams in a trustable environment.

Sandhya is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and a SAFe Agilist from Scaled Agile. In five years of her agile journey, she has transformed multiple teams successfully and has been awarded multiple times by the senior leaderships of client organizations.​ She is a post graduate in Computer Applications from JNTU and an active member in the Scrum Alliance and Scaled Agile community.

​She strives towards helping teams streamline and leverage benefits of being agilists and building  world class products. She is an active contributor to the wider audience through various external forums and believes in immense knowledge sharing across the platforms.


Sidharth Sharma

Sidharth believes in the power of the people. He strives to leverage the processes to empower his team members and to increase efficiency. He is a dedicated Scrum Master who does not shy away from trying unorthodox approaches to solving everyday problems.

Plan for change. Against popular belief, Scrum is not an absence of planning, rather it's planning every day. The challenge is to plan to change. Plan effectively, but do not hope for efficiency. Hope is not a strategy.  

A Certified Scrum Master from the Scrum Alliance, Sidharth comes for a Software Quality Assurance background. He graduated with a Masters in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University. He is an avid reader with a wide range of interests. He also is a budding runner with two half-marathons under his belt. He strives to attempt his first full-marathon soon.

His enthusiasm, energy, and a fun-loving attitude make Sidharth a valuable part of his team and his organization.  


Mateusz Skurski

Mateusz has 5+ years experience in the Scrum Master role. He supports some of the largest international organizations in the agile transformation and change process. His mission is to create great teams with strong self-organization skills. He is also training Product Owners on how to make the Product Backlog more transparent and to maximize the value of the product.

As a servant leader, his main impact is on the continuing improvement process, because, to quote Mateusz, “Even good things can be better”.

Mateusz holds a certificate of Professional Scrum Master I from He attended Agile Coach Camp in 2017 in Poland. He constantly develops his knowledge and shares good practices useful in agile software development throughout his involvement with the local Agile and Lean community in Krakow.

Mateusz studied Psychology in Management in Katowice School of Economics. In his free time, he jogs and plays squash.

Mateusz believes that Agile is more than another project management methodology – it is a mindset. At Pega, he helps to ensure the spirit of Agile is really understood.


Tia Tep

Sothya (Tia) Tep models and drives the Agile methodology while maintaining critical “human” factors of creative thinking, individualism and team equilibrium to ensure project success. She brings a wide array of experience and proven success to Pega’s Digital IT Scrum team with a diverse background of software project management, operations management, marketing and custom CMS development.


Tia holds a Bachelor of Science with concentration in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and is also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) from Scrum Alliance.


Ewelina Tutska

With over four years of experience as a Scrum Master, Ewelina helps teams be self-sufficient and achieve their full potential. She promotes a culture of trust and openness, and continuously inspires other team members to use their capabilities to the fullest.

“A lot of problems can be solved with just a simple conversation.” 

Ewelina is certified from as both a Scrum Master and a Product Owner. She is also a Pegasystems CSA. Ewelina has a Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the AGH (University of Science and Technology) in Cracow, Poland. She takes part in teaching children from the “Siemacha Association” and also assists in collaboration between Pega and several volunteering organizations.  In addition, she actively spends her time skiing, snowboarding and swimming.

With her unique set of competencies, Ewelina is a very valuable asset to the entire Scrum Community at Pega.


Radhakrishna Vangara

Radhakrishna (RK) is a highly accomplished professional with in-depth knowledge of Agile scrum, project management, quality control and customer relationship management. He has extensive experience in leveraging Agile methodology for optimizing the product delivery and meeting the stakeholder expectations. RK's strength has been his intuitive mode of work, backed by years of technical and professional experience, which encourages teams to think and innovate and provide unique solutions.

RK is a Certified Pega Business Architect and also a certified Scrum master from Scrum Alliance.

He believes in the strength of "boots on the ground", which can be enhanced through process orientation. This in turn allows for higher flexibility and agility in delivery.

RK's experience includes lots of hands-on academic experience, including a technical diploma and both an Engineering and Masters degree in Engineering. His engineering knowledge, backed by his enthusiasm to learn more, has continued to be guiding principles in both professional and personal spaces.

His ability to listen, consider the perspectives and value of all stakeholders, and see the value in them, make him a valuable asset in the Pega community.


Chris Venne

Chris is a passionate thought leader and mentor who empowers his teams and his colleagues within the Agile software community with his enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.  A dedicated Scrum Master, Chris is known within Pega for bringing ideas to the “next level” with his innovative and revolutionary approach.

“An ambitious organizational connector - I am a creative perfectionist who loves to learn through extensive work with people. I am a strong believer in the power of data transparency, team empowerment, and calculated actions over blind belief in methodologies." 

A Certified Scrum Product Owner as well as a Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance, Chris is the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Pegasystems Chairman’s Award for exceptional leadership which recognizes individuals who have made “contributions above and beyond what is expected”.

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  He has attended Agile Bootcamp Boston and is a member of the Agile and Lean Software Development organization.

His extraordinary energy, dedication and authenticity makes Chris a valuable asset to his Scrum teams, his colleagues at Pegasystems and to the greater Agile community.


Ruchi Wadhera

Ruchi has always been compulsively curious, a quality that has driven her to invest in her areas of interest:  Agile, technology and travel. She values the human connect aspect of Agile which inspires her to engage with her team as unique individuals, rather than as mere “resources”. Having spent 7 years of her professional life as a Java developer she strives to comprehend any problem from her team’s perspective before looking for solutions.

“One size fits all is usually not the best approach for Agile implementation. Each team is unique and so are their problems.”  

Certified Scrum Master and SAFe Agilist, Ruchi has also been a classroom trainer for SCRUM and SAFe in an earlier organization where she was consistently highly rated in the trainer effectiveness surveys.

Ruchi has a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, and enjoys participating in Scrum gatherings as well as blogging to express herself and learn from others.

Ruchi is extremely committed to her teams’ well-being, and her focus is to ensure that she and her teams thrive and evolve in the face of any challenges.


Satya Yellapantula

Satya is a highly accomplished professional with in-depth knowledge of Agile Scrum, product development, project management and customer relationship management. She has hands-on experience in designing, prioritizing and scoping product features using agile methodology. Satya is known for her interesting and innovative ways of facilitating Sprint Retrospectives and her teams look forward to the retrospective meeting every alternate week.

Satya notes that she is a “Stronger believer in ‘People First’, providing the team an environment filled with trust and openness, so that they perform the best.”

Satya is a Certified Scrum Professional as well as a Certified Scrum Master from Scrum Alliance and a certified SAFe agilest.

Satya is a Master in Computer Applications, from Andhra University. She practices ‘Scrum’ in her personal life as well, in order to prioritize and focus on small time boxed goals. Her daughters and husband are also true believers of scrum values. She is a member of Universal Agile & the Scrum Community of Practice group.

Her charismatic smile, deep listening skills and ability to see things from both team and customer perspective, makes her a great asset to her scrum teams and to the Agile community in and outside of Pega.