Pega Underwriting for Group Benefits

Pega's Group Benefits Underwriting empowers group insurers to automate underwriting processes and eliminate manual work activities at an enterprise scale.

Pega Customer Engagement for Life Sciences

Move beyond a transactional, data-centric view of patients and healthcare professionals to enhance the quality and efficiency of every engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Pega Underwriting for Life Insurance

Group insurers need to grow as profitably as possible.

Pega Claims for Insurance

Gain unparalleled agility with business rules, processes, analytics, and case management integrated into a unified claims management platform.

Pega Claims for Life Insurance

Optimize your life insurance claims process from end to end.

Pega Pharmacovigilance

Pega brings together process and decision-based technology to create a flexible, reusable Adverse Event Case Processing and product complaint environment that provides rapid configurability and flexibility to address global requirements.

Pega Spend Management for Life Sciences

With Pega, you can leverage spend data in real time and across multiple enterprise systems to capture, manage, audit and report in compliance with company, state, federal and global regulations.

Pega Underwriting for Personal Insurance

Pega gives you the agility to increase win rates and book of business quality, while improving loss and expense ratios.

Pega Sales Automation

Intelligently guide B2B or B2C sales professionals and automate the sales process with Pega Sales Automation.

Pega Field Service

Pega Field Service helps you increase efficiency, maximize service resource utilization and build customer loyalty.

Pega 7 Platform

Pega 7 is an application development platform that helps large enterprises integrate, automate and improve complex front and back-office business operations.

Pega Customer Service

Pega Customer Service helps you create a simple, consistent customer experience anywhere, and exceed expectations of empowered customers across the customer journey.

Pega Co-Browse

Pega Co-Browse is the fastest way to help customers having trouble with self-service interactions by giving Customer Service Representatives the power to see what the customer sees on a web page.

Pega Customer Service - Case Management Package

Pega's case management simplifies and automates the work of your customer service organization, so you can keep your promise to your customers.

Pega Customer Service - Enterprise Desktop Package

Pega's unified customer contact center interface is beautiful to work with, yet powerful enough to support the customer service complexities of large organizations.

Pega Customer Service for Healthcare

Use the highest-rated customer service application to leverage the science of customer engagement and create experiences that improve health and operational outcomes.

Pega Customer Service - Omni-Channel Package

Pega Customer Service provides historical cross-channel information to give CSRs insight into what actions were taken on behalf of a customer during an interaction and related service requests.

Pega Sales Automation for Healthcare

The importance of the healthcare brand, and consumer experience, has placed a bright spotlight on sales transactions – with more individuals shopping in new online marketplaces, on various devices, and with retail-like expectations.

Federated Case Management

Federated Case Management (FCM) uses the Pega Web Mashup connectivity to link Pega 7 Platform applications in a federation.

Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM)

With Pega Decision Strategy Manager (DSM), you don’t need to be an expert in programming or math to design and execute sophisticated decision strategies that engage your customers throughout the customer journey.

Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM)

Pega Adaptive Decision Manager (ADM) learns on the fly with each interaction what works best.

Predictive Analytics Director (PAD)

Pega Predictive Analytics Director (PAD) offers business-focused tools to rapidly develop models that accurately predict customer behaviors, such as offer acceptance, churn or credit risk.

Pega Customer Service for Insurance

Pega delivers an omni-channel customer service application for insurers that is intuitive and easy to use.

Visual Business Director (VBD)

Pega Visual Business Director offers real-time visibility and control over customer strategy, leveraging the power of Pega Decision Management and Business Process Management to rapidly model and execute an approach.

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