Rule Availability Change Analyzer

Identify impact of withdrawn/deprecated activity rules on implementation layers.

Hoover's Dun & Bradstreet Direct 2.0 Data

Stream and integrate D&B Data across company departments and processes with the D&B Direct API

Pega Flash SMS

Send essential messages directly to the home screen of a mobile device as a popup.


Integrate Pega logs with alarm monitoring tools that support SNMP protocol.

NPI Service Connector

National Provider Identifier lets you search for Health Care Providers within your Pega application.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Custom Authentications

Sample implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Custom Authentications.

French Language Pack for Pega Platform

The French language pack is a collection of language-specific rulesets provided by Pegasystems to support localization of applications.

FullContact Identity Resolution

Unify customer contact info into complete, de-duplicated identities and match social profiles to emails for a 360-degree view.

Bulk Operator Load (for Process Commander)

Quickly add users to Pega Platform via a comma delimited file.

Agile Workbench Screen and Video Capture Plugin for Chrome

Take screen and video captures from Pega 7 applications in Agile Workbench while using the Google Chrome web browser.

Pega Change Manager (PCM)

Monitor development of an application in real-time and ensure that developers are following best practices.

Smart Feedback

Smart Feedback enables Pega 7 application users to send product feedback to a connected PMF system.

Release Management Framework (RMF)

Suite of features that help manage the approval process for releases in a development environment.

Predictive Diagnostic Cloud

Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud (PDC) is a SaaS-based application performance management solution that helps Pega customers identify and correct system health issues before they impact the business.


REST APIs leveraging HL7 FHIR Standard to retrieve data from electronic medical record systems.

MuleSoft Connector

Easily connect Pega applications to thousands of external data sources with the MuleSoft AnyPoint Platform.

Box Integration

Secure content management and collaboration platform that allows teams and organizations across industries to easily share and manage information from anywhere, on any device.

OSMO Data Component

Make use of OSMO services in your Pega applications

Pega Enhanced Guardrails Landing Page

Enhances the Guardrails Landing Page to help developers build more guardrail-compliant applications.

Automated Mobile App Testing with AWS

Use a template and examples to write human-readable test scenarios and execute them on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Device Farm to test mobile apps that are built with the Pega 7 Platform using either Pega Mobile Client or Pega Mashup SDK.

Pega Mobile Mashup SDK

The Mobile Mashup SDK, enables a pega app to be integrated into a new or existing Apple iOS or Android mobile application to provide for enhanced functionality and collaboration between the app and Pega.

Pega Extender for

Extend with the power of Pega Dynamic Case Management

Case Management Chevron Customization

View the stages of your application in an assortment of case life cycle representations.

Specialty Components

Configure a custom user interface component developed with third-party technology such as JQuery, Adobe Flash/Flex, FusionCharts, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and so on.

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