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Language Packs

Collection of rulesets containing translated field values rules in a set of core languages.


A language pack is a collection of language-specific rulesets provided by Pega to support the localization of an application. A language pack provides field value rules that localize the buttons, prompts, and labels for the application portals. A language pack zip file contains one or more language packs needed to localize a specific version of an application. The table below shows the core language packs available for each application version. Pega provides the core language packs free of charge.

To download and import a core language pack to your environment, click Download. Some core language packs must be requested by clicking the Request link. After you click Request, provide the required data so that Pega can contact you when the language pack is available, usually in 6 to 8 weeks.

If you need a language pack for a product or application that is not listed or the word N/A is displayed for your Application/Language combination, the Pega Platform includes a Localization Wizard that you can use to create your own language pack.

Available Language Packs

Core Language Locale ID V7.31 V7.4 V8.1
Dutch nl_NL Download Download Download
French fr_FR Download Download Download
German de_DE Download Download Download
Italian it_IT Download Download Download
Japanese ia_JP Download Download Download
Portuguese pt_BR Download Download Download
Spanish es-ES Download Download Download


Contact Information: Pega Language Packs |
License Type: Pega Platform License
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File Version: 01
Compatible With: Pega 7.4.x, Pega 7.3.1
Last Updated: January 7, 2019

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