Deployment Manager

Rapidly model and run CI/CD pipelines for applications that are built on Pega Platform.

Selenium Starter Kit

Selenium-based UI test frameworks and sample UI tests for testing your Pega application.

Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit

Conduct proof-of-concept testing and explore blockchain with Pega applications

Environment Comparison Tool (ECT)

Compares Pega environments for differences and reports them.

Pega GDPR Compliance for Decisioning and Marketing

Comply with the GDPR regulations around Marketing and Decisioning client data retrieval, and deletion.

Pega Playground

Source code and developer guide for the Pega Playground, a mobile app that lets you test drive Pega's mobile and UI features.

Google Dialogflow Text Analyzer

Use Google's Dialogflow (formerly API.AI) natural language processing and entity extraction capabilities in your Pega Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

Rule Availability Change Analyzer

Identify impact of withdrawn/deprecated activity rules on implementation layers.

Thomson Reuters World-Check One

Pre-configured, bi-directional data communication assets for Thomson Reuters World-Check One screening.

Tropo Channel

Use Tropo to interact with a Pega Customer Service application.

Pega Client for Windows

Run your Pega Platform application as a standalone Windows application.

Pega Robot Manager

Monitor the overall state of your robotic process automation (RPA) solution within your Pega Platform application.

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