Why the reloadSection( ) overriden in PegaWAI?

PegaWAI ruleset is using harness_accessibility js instead of harness_script js. reloadSection( ) function has been overriden in harness_accessibility. Because of this overriding, ONCHANGE client event is not working properly. I just want to know for which purpose the reloadSection() function of harness_script js has been overriden in harness_accessibility js? Thanks Somsuddha

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May 23, 2008 - 4:54am

Client events and lots of AJAX features are not good for disabled people and screen readers. Dynamically rendering a portion of the screen is not considered as a good practice in accessibility mode.
We have re-written the reload section function such that in accessibility mode the AJAX functionality would cause the entire screen to reload. In the latest version instead of overriding the entire reloadSection API some portions of it are exposed and overwritten in accessibility mode such that you get all the features plus in accessibility mode the flag is set such that instead of a portion of the screen entire document is re-rendered.

Sapna Grover