what are Pega Marketing oubound campaign performance improvement parameters?


I know this might look as general and open ended question, but it is specific to analysis.

I want to check the factors that are impacting the campaign run. for this I want to check the step by step process and the time taking for each activity like strategy components, Data flows, activities etc. But I'm not sure how can I trace the campaign like we do core pega components like activities, agents etc. Currently my campaign performance has been degraded from 1 hr to 6hrs. I want to know what all the logs, db traces and other tracing options I can use to estimate the performance impacting factors.

Kindly suggest me how to trace the campaign in the perspective of time taking for each component.

Thank you.

Durgarao J

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June 15, 2017 - 8:24am

Hi Durga,

The ProcessProgramRun agent handles the Campaign execution. You may try tracing this agent. 

Also, you may inspect the Data Flow run of the Scheduled Campaign which is in running status in the Designer Studio, Decision: Data Flows --> Batch processing landing page. Please note that this DF run work object gets deleted immediately after Campaign execution completion. The best way is to do a Save-as of the associated Data Flow in the DF run and perform a new run directly from the Designer Studio using this Data Flow.

The Data Flow run details will have the distribution of average time taken for each stage evaluation.

Hope this helps!

June 17, 2017 - 10:56am
Response to Santhosh_Holla

Hi Santhosh,

Thanks for the useful details about the campaign tracing. It really helpful to explore further.

How the Data flow useful in campaign run? At what stage data flow is called when campaign starts ? Is the data flow out of the box one or the customized one that we need to trace? Is there any data flow that is starting of the flow just like processprogramrun agent?

Thank you.

Durgarao J.

June 19, 2017 - 10:46am

At a very high level, when running a standard bulk outbound campaign, the following happens:

  • The 'Who': An Audience of customers is selected as defined by a Segment, which essentially is a database query
  • The 'Who/What': A Decision Strategy is run against each of the customers in the audience - this is the batch decisioning run you are referring to - to determine what Offer(s) each customer should get
  • The 'How': For each Customer-Offer combination an Offer Flow is started that communicates the offers, orchestrates the follow up based on customer feedback etc.