Unable to open new tabs in CPM 7.2

Is there an easy/better way to luanch custom tabs inside CPM Interaction Portal ?

Ex :-Users clicks an item from reports and we need to launch a new tab to show it.

Another example is user clciks a link inside interaction - we should launch it new tab.

WE tried new harness document and also tab scripts but no luck yet.

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November 14, 2016 - 2:54pm


I never memorize how to do these things, but here are two comments showing a bit of what I remember and how I would proceed if I needed to do this:

1) In general, launching items from a report involves configuring the report at design time to specify what action to take when an item on the report results window is selected.  For some versions of reports, those actions are called the "single click" and "double click" actions, although those titles always mystified me a bit since on my computer there are lots of contexts where I used to need a double click, and I changed a computer setting such that many of those places on my computer now only need a single click.

2) The action you'll most likely want to associated with your "single click" and "double click" actions on your report rule is one called something like "open work by handle" or "open work by keys" or maybe "open assignment by handle/keys".

3) To get more accurate details regarding 1 and 2, think of an existing feature on your Pega session that does something similar to what you are trying to implement, and use a combination of the "Live UI" feature and the Pega tracer in order to look at how the report for that existing feature is already implemented so you can do yours similarly.  For example, how about the report that shows the assignments in your work list and lets you choose one?  Take a look at how that one works.



December 17, 2016 - 9:28am