SR-B9495 : Jvms are hung and no alert/notification message is sent


We have rasied SR-B9495 for solution on JVM hung issue.

SR details:

When Jvms are hung the server node is showing as UP in monitoring tool and we need to setup alert notification when Jvms are hung. We are writing below message to System.out log every 10mins.

JVM hung state alerting and we know that if the logs of the application doesn’t log the statements like below at 10 minute interval, it will be considered hung.

Is it possible to check these logs for the timestamp against the system timestamp and alert if the JVM is not logged with the line’s similar to below after 11 minutes?

System.out Log message:

2016-12-09 11:17:29,585 [.PRPCWorkManager : 4] (          internal.async.Agent) INFO    - System date: Fri Dec 09 11:17:29 EST 2016 Total memory: 2,147,483,648 Free memory: 1,086,992,712 Requestor Count: 15 Shared Pages memory usage: 0%

If we have any alert setup then we can make JVM up whenever we see this alert in production.



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December 20, 2016 - 9:37am

What monitoring tool you are using? Have you tried AES or PDC?

December 20, 2016 - 2:36pm

Also, I think you can write a cron job that kicks off an action - sending email or something based on the messages in log file.