Saving a rule

When a rule is edited using Pega Express (For example a section), does Pega Express automatically checks out the rule? Do we get the option of either saving or discarding the changes as I did not see that option? If the rule gets saved automatically with any changes made, would like to know in which ruleset will that get saved? Is there an ability to control that feature to save rules in a particular ruleset?

Appreciate your feedback.

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January 10, 2018 - 10:42pm

Hello RanganKrish, 

Thanks for posting your query in PSC :)

I understand that you are using the Use check-out option enable in the Application ruleset and hence the query with respect to Pega Express.

On enabling this option, using Pega Express, I see that the rule(Section) is checkout and saved automatically.

For example: A section ShowPage of RuleSet App:01-01-01 created using PegaExpress contains 3 fields (EId, EName, Name). If you observe this section using Designer Studio, this section is locked. Through PegaExpress, execute the case and configure the view of the section and include 4th field(say Address). Click done and re-run the case. You will observe 4 fields added to the same section. The same section while observed via Designed Studio is still displayed as locked in the RuleSet App:01-01-01.

If you would like to save the section to a specific ruleset, use Designer Studio portal.

I hope this answers.

PS: My observation is from Pega 7.2.2.





January 10, 2018 - 10:43pm

Also, there are few design time limitation of express mode which can be overcome by using Pega Designer Studio. Refer