Running node level data page is flushing data oage from all node

We are using Pega: 7.1.9. We have multi-node system, where we are running node level data page manually (Actions > Run) by not selecting "Flush All instances of data page". After successful execution, data page is available on current node only (where it was run). Instances of Data page from other node has been flushed. Our objective was to reload the data page on the current node only.

As I know, if we Flushing/Clearing a node level data page (Load Management > Clear Data Page), Pega will flush/clear data page instances from all nodes of a cluster. But here we are just running to reload the data page on a specific node. Why Pega is flushing Data Page from other nodes? Is running manually a Data page means Clear Data Page + reload? Any link/reference on Node Level data page synchronization will be helpful.

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March 7, 2018 - 10:07am

Hi @PravinKumar01,

Thanks for posting on PSC.

Forcing removal of data pages

You can also force removal of non-parameterized data page instances, without regard to the settings described above. To force removal, use one of these options:

  • In Designer Studio, open the rule form.

​​Clear Data Page button
Click Clear Data Page on the Load Management tab to clear all read-only instances of the data page from the clipboard according to their scope:

  • Thread-scoped pages — the system removes all instances of the data page from all threads of the current requestor.
  • Requestor-scoped pages — the system removes all instances of the data page from the current requestor.
  • Node-scoped pages — the system removes all instances of the data page from all nodes in the cluster

Refer it for more details.

Hope it clears your query, kindly notify by marking this post as answered if it does for larger Pega audience and tracking purposes.



March 7, 2018 - 10:09am

To answer your question,

It's an expected behaviour and manually flushing data page content using "Clear Data Page" button under Load Management tab flushes out data page content from all instances in the cluster as described above.

March 7, 2018 - 11:42am
Response to Asif Hasan

Hi Asif,

Thanks for quick reply. Our objective is to reload a node-level data page on a specific node by manually/Programmatically, without impacting data page instance in other nodes.

I have gone through many article on PDN and tried many options like ExpireDeclarativePage , FlushDeclarativePage etc. But all options are impacting other node data page instance. Few mentioned below:

1. To do it manually we tried to run data page from data page rule form (Action > Run). But Pega is flushing Data Page from all nodes. Note: We haven't used here "Clear Data Page" option in Load Management Tab and We haven't used "Flush All Instance of Data Page" option in run window during run.

2. To do it programmatically we used Page-Remove in activity and passed Data Page as step page, then also Pega is removing data page instance from all nodes.

Is there any way to achieve our objective?