Rule Resolution problem for rules already existing

What can be the possible cause of activity not found by another activity although it exists in its rule resolution path. An activity Lets say "GetRaletedInfo" calls another activity "GetPersonalDetails", both being present in the same class and ruleset versions say, MyCo-Work-Shared-EMEA, and EMEA:01-09-01. The old rules of same names are also present in other ruleset MyCo:01-01 which is the prerequisite ruleset of EMEA:01-09-01. The availibilty both rules in EMEA:01-09-01 is 'Yes'. Initially this was working fine. Getting appropriate results. But now upon execution, GetRelatedInfo runs but it gives and exception that 'GetPersonalDetails' instance not found. Now when i resave the activity, it gives the same error that 'GetPersonalDetails' not found i.e. The save fails. Q2) What can be the reason for this behaviour...Can it be priviledge or related to security?...What are other possibility. Thanks in Advance.

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December 3, 2008 - 10:55am

Check that you don't accidentally have two versions of the same rule in the same ruleset/version (with different timestamps). This can happen if you move a rule, delete it, and then re-created it on the original server, moving it again.

You can check for multiple versions via sublings or rule search -- you will see the dup listings.

Jon Garfunkel
Enterprise Business Systems