Performance response issue while navigating around Pega CRM

Hi, i have just developed a new pega CRM application. Every click in the appl page showed slow response of 6 to 7 secs. Asked some of my friends which is proficient in Pega development. They say that it’s because the rule assembly in Pega requires time to push the rules into the various caches n the application response will only b gd after a period of time. I hv been trying for days but the response is still the same (slow response of 6 to 7 secs). Some questions : a) what my Friend say is correct or not? If yes, why yes. If no, why not? b) what could be the cause of the slow response and what shld I do to rectify it?

Appreciate any help. Thanks

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February 13, 2018 - 12:19pm

Hi CoolGuy,

Hope you are doing good!!
Yes to start off it does take time for all the cache to build up. But it does not take days for sure.
To mitigate this behaviour we can run static assembler to build the cache just after start of application and things should be smooth.

Since you are facing consistent issue please check for PegaAlerts log and check for alert codes and search for it on PDN.