Paging in List Views

Does PRPC reach out to DB each time a page is clicked? where and how does it store the resltset?Is it fully cached in memory and displayed selectively? How does it work or rather how does it improve peformance or memory requirements?

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November 18, 2008 - 1:34pm

PDN resource List View form -- Completing the Organize tab notes that:

"...Paging causes the system to retrieve rows to only a segment at a time on request, improving response time and reducing the size of the clipboard. ..."

November 18, 2008 - 8:35pm

Thanks but I have already gone trough the PDN article but does not provide me any details about how it works.an someone explain me the scenario explained below?:-
1. I run a report(list view ) on the set of Resolved work items.
2.It presents me with 3 pages each containing 10 items.(page size=10,total no of work items=30)
3.I resolve another work item from a different portal.
4.I go back to the list view.I click on page2.I expected to see a 4th page with a single item.It does not.So if it had really called the DB and rerun th query it should have presented me with the 4th page.
5.However when I go back to Page1 the list view refreshes to provide me with the 4th page meaning the DB was hit to rerun the query.

So m question is hat exactly is happening when I click the 2nd/3rd page vs going to the first page.Is it really calling the DB on click of 2nd/3rd page?Or is it caching it somewhere in memory?

Any explanaton will be appreciated.