OOTB PartyApprovalMajority Requirement - Complete the approval process once minimum 3 parties have voted


I have a requirement similar to this post.

I am using OOTB PartyApprovalMajority flow, assignments for voting will be created for all workparty defined in the Case. for example I have 5 workparty defined in the Case and I want to complete the approval process once minimum 3 parties voted, Can you please share design approach for this requirement?

Thanks in advance.


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December 29, 2017 - 3:31pm

Can any one please  explain how the majority approval flow  (PartyApprovalMajority ) works.


Thanks in advance 




December 30, 2017 - 12:13pm

Hello Dandapani,

Within the OOTB PartyApprovalMajority flow, votes are cast by setting the “.pyApproval” Property on each pyWorkParty() page involved in the voting process. 

This flow makes use of PartyCountApprovals activity which has a step to count the votes(approval/reject) using pyApproval property.

See if you can make use of this.

Check the below article also, it discusses an approval process design. It can help you on your approval usecase.