Object Reuse Report

Just want to know if there is a report i can generate that reads through all rules and return to me statistics of the amount of reuse. If there is none, how can i possible determine the rules that we have reused without going thru the manual process of opening each and looking at the history.

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August 20, 2008 - 9:42am

[?]Not clear how the history of a rule shows "reuse".
The history would show that (say) version 01-02-13 was copied with Save As into 01-02-14, presumably so it could be modified. The lower version was "reused" as a starting point for the higher one?

If by reuse you mean "one rule is referenced by many other rules", you could create a list view report on the Index-Reference class. This class supports the Referencing rules display. A instance of Index-Reference identifies both a rule and another rule (by pxInsName) that references that rule.