Merge All Rulesets

Is it possible to merge all source rulesets into target rulesets while maintaining the ruleset version number without doing each merge individually? For example... Before Merge Source:01-01-01 Source:01-02-01 Source:01-03-01 Target:01-01-01 Target:01-03-01 After Merge Target:01-01-01 Target:01-02-01 Target:01-03-01 Also, I am using PegaRULES 5.4 SP2 and if I enter a source ruleset version value into the merge ruleset screen the application tells me that the ruleset doesn't exist. However, it does exist. So the only way I can complete a merge is by leaving the source version value blank which merges all the source rulesets into the specified target ruleset version. This is not what I want to accomplish. Anyone else having this problem?

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