Mapping custom rules to table other than pr4_rule

As part of one of the requirements , we have prepared a custom rule type . The number of rules created in this rule type are many more . Is it possible to map this specific rule type ( i.e its corresponding class ) to separate table apart from pr4_rule ( we can replicate pr4_rule table with some diffferent name ) . If we do this , do we get all the capabilities a rule can possess ( like rule resolution / versioning / search capability / caching etc ) ?



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December 6, 2016 - 2:31am

Which version of the Pega platform are you using?
If you are using Pega 7.1.8 or above, mimicing the pr4_rule table for your rule table and creating the appropriate Data-Admin-DB-Table instance to map your class to the new table should do the trick.