Live Dashboard on Pega Survey results

Hi team,

Can someone provide some sample on how to query the Pega Survey results in order to create a live dashboard for the responses on survey answer from responders ?, has anyone created something like that to display the results of a Survey ?

Rogelio Cervantes

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July 5, 2017 - 1:20am

Hi Rogelio,

In survey for each question you can associate property in the rule form which captures the user response for that question at run time as part of Work object.
You can create RD's for corresponding work object class instances on these properties and column label being the corresponding question text.
These RD you can configure in a section using UI layouts formats and see the results.
To get the live results you can configure the section displaying the results using refresh on change condition on node level data page boolean property and toggle the value after each survey assignment is submitted using data transform or utility configured in the flow to get the live results.
If the data page property can't be given as refresh condition(if its ui limitation ) then you can have refresh button in the dashboard screen.