Isn't skimming always best practice to do before production?


I have worked on many projects but I haven't had much chance to do ruleset skimming. Skimming is a process to pick up the highest version of rule instances and put into a new version. Large application has many versions and therefore, many overrode instances and withdrawn instances. The more rule instances system has, the harder developer looks into the application.

Question 1. Isn't it pretty much always best practice to remove lower instances to have only the highest instances so we can keep application the smallest size and simplest? Of course there is benefit to have old version to look or go back to at some point, but if we don't care old version but only the latest one is cared?

Question 2. If so, I would create only MyApp:01-01-01 at the end of development - but skimming to major version makes MyApp:02-01-01 and the lower version remains. The purpose is to reduce numbers, so I want to delete old ones from system. In that case, what is the best approach? I tried to use "Delete ruleset" in refactoring tool but it gives me a bunch of errors in the middle:

"2017-08-31 09:14:04,047 [http-nio-8082-exec-9] [TABTHREAD1] [ ] [ MyApp:02.01] ( internal.mgmt.Executable) ERROR localhost|0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 steve - Execution denied for class: Rule-Obj-Activity (activity: pyDeleteDocumentPg)"

So I guess delete is not a good approach. Should I do differently? What is the simplest approach to keep the highest rule instances in a system as MyApp:01-01-01.


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August 30, 2017 - 10:27pm


I think you can read more about skimming process such as skim up(major version) and skip up(minor version) and also other option and see what suits you better here.

Also the error you are seeing is mostly due to lack of authorization or the level that is set, might be creating the issue.

You can read the links and decide should be helpful.

Thank You.


August 30, 2017 - 10:25pm
Response to Shekhar_Shubham

Question 1. I will leave it to someone else.

Question 2. Thanks for the post. "Skim down" - I guess you mean "Compress down" in that article. This article is written back in PRPC 5x days but is this still available? I see only "Copy", "Merge", "Delete", and "Skim" in refactoring tool. I tried "Merge" but I am getting an error as below. So I don't think Merge is a right approach to consolidate all versions into 01-01-01. 

So again, what is the simplest approach to build MyApp:01-01-01 from many existing versions?