How to scan the bar code in Pega Web application (Not in mobile application)?


I have a requirement that whenever I scan a bar code of a product at that time a Rest connector will have to call and create a new case and have to show the all details of the product in our pega screen?Here the challenge is how to integrate the scanner with Pega and scan the bar code?How to achieve this?

Thank you!

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October 12, 2017 - 11:01pm

Hello SaivarunreddyM,

I've seen similar kind of requirement in my experience. However, there is a difference in the device. In my requirement I've seen soft telephone. Once user accepts the call there a case is automatically created in Pega. The same suits to your requirement as well.

1) Create a Service REST rule in Pega and get the url. You can look at OOTB Service REST "Cases" to know how to create a case. In this rule, go to methods tab and check "POST", you will find pzGreateCase activity

2) Integrate the url with scanner device. For example, my url is "http://myhost/prweb/api/v1/cases". This URL has to be integrated with scanner software. (Please note that scanner vendor must support this )

Whenever your scanner captures something, it will initiate a request for the above url along with parameters, which automatically (you have to show the captured results at the end of the activity using show-page method or anything which suits your requirement) displayed in the Pega portal web page.

I hope this gives you some idea on how to do. Please feel free to reply your thoughts if any.

Thank you,