How to pass parameters to standard Agent activity .

Batch activity which runs in advance mode should able to pass the parameters to an activity which gets run by standard agent.

Current design:

>> Opening the work object by advance agent on tempworkpage.

>> populating the required parameters on tempworkpage.

>> saving the workpage before queueing it for agent.

Now,the problem comes with locking,as when object is being opened in portal then advance agent is failed to queue it for standard agent.

I’m planning to open the object in standard agent activity and place mechanism for requeue to handle the locking issue.

How do we pass the work object key to standard agent without saving the page before queue-for-agent.

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October 5, 2017 - 6:06am

continue with above discussion, I tried with below approach as well.

>> Created the page property(WorkPage) in system-queue- class to holds the work object related parameters.

>> Before Queue-for-agent ,Created user page for Queue-Default entry class and setting parameters on WorkPage.

>> Refer queue page as step page for Queue-For-Agent.

But ,still I don't see workpage property in blob of queue instance as well.

Any suggestions are welcome .

I have few more questions regarding agent processing. 

Regarding processing of Queue-for-Agent. if task is queued for agent on work page then how does agent open the work object by default for agent activity .

October 11, 2017 - 11:22pm
Response to Brahmesh@






My thoughts below.

In that particular agent Pass Inskey Input parameters  and map to Our agent default My servicepage

For example like below

.Request iD-MyservicePage-propertyname

Inskey-Request id.

What will happen is above secnario,when ever work object is mapping to request id ,that will rotate to inskey so it will process again agent and create new work id with out any failures.

October 9, 2017 - 8:33am

Any thoughts on this ?.

October 10, 2017 - 4:43pm

If it is a standard agent, below mechanism will work;

Queue Mechanism:

1. Create a System-Queue-DefaultEntry class Queue page.

2. Set Work Property on Queue Page.

3. Do Queue-For-Agent on Queue page. 

Agent Context:

Primary page is the Queued page. It will hold your work properties.