How do I use SnapStart to launch a CPMInteraction portal with a given customer?

Hi, Our client has a requirement to launch CPMInteractionPortal from external system, I can launch the port with the SnapStart below, given that my Access Group has the CPMInteractionPortal set to be my default portal. The URL will simply launch the interaction portal "http://xxx:nn/prweb?pyUserIdentifier=AAAA&Password=cnVsZXM=". Is there an activity to add to the URL, with params that will get the customerID and start the interaction for the customer.

If I use the SnapSpart, I only get the harness of customer search (attached), but not the whole portal.

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April 4, 2017 - 1:49pm


Are you logging into the same requestor you use via snap start that you would use directly? I believe you can add additional paramiters to the URL (I haven't done it, so you'll need to check help or get some guidance here from someone else for the exact syntax) and they are on the param page, so if you have your starting activity to execute on the operator record call an activity that can make use of those parameters, you should be able to display what you want. But as I said, I've never tried this, so there are probably additional gotchas that I'm not aware of.


April 4, 2017 - 5:57pm

I recently working with a Pega Consultant on this very issue.  It can be done, but I learned that it requires a fairly sophisticated and complex design.  Many CPM artifacts require the presence of certain CPM Data pages, and these do not get created with a simple launch like you are performing.  There were also timing issues, and difficulties passing parameters to the datapages. I don't have any details to provide, but you may find that you want to engage Pega Consulting to craft a solution for you.