How to check value exist in the pagelist column

Hi ,

I have a requirement where i need to trigger service if value is present in one of the pagelist property. Can i use PropertyHasValue function where i can pass pagelist.Property name like below to return true or false. Then if true i can invoke the service. If this is not correct what other fucntions or approach i can use here. Please suggest.

@(Pega-RULES:Utilities).PropertyHasValue(tools, primary.Pagelist.Property)

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December 28, 2017 - 1:40am


please note that the 2nd parameter of the Function, 'PropertyHasValue', is a strReference which is a String. 

Function, 'PropertyHasValue', returns true if property has non-blank value.  Note that if you need to test for a property existing on the page but not necessarily having a value, use PropertyExists.

Its usage:

It needs two params:
tools - context
strReference - property reference like ".aString"
Be careful to make sure you aren't using the other version of this function that takes a clipboard property param because a java generated rule will then CREATE the property on the page when it calls this function.

For your use case, can you try to use  @(Pega-RULES:Utilities).SizeOfPropertyList(<PageListProperty>)?