Generating XMLs out of work objects for Reporting

I have a question related to an approach we are deciding upon for our reporting requirements. We have a requirement to create datastore out of our application which can be used by other internal systems to create reports (NOT Pega reports but BO) out it. Generally the traditional way would have been to expose the properties in database columns or by declarative indexing. But looking at the huge volume of properties, both simple and complex, we have decided to try out generating XML's out of each work object that is being updated or created and sending this XML's to the reporting application. The reporting application will be responsible to parse these XML's and create a datastore out of these messages. We would like to know and hear from anyone has given a thought or implemented this approach and any challenges faced while doing so. Any articles on PDN that someone can direct me towards about this approach? Thanks in advance. I have placed this question under general category since I wasn't sure where this truly belongs to.

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June 3, 2008 - 4:27am

We serialize our workobjects to xml in order to archive them. We created a simple activity with a java step which uses
[code]ClipboardPage page = myStepPage;
String xml = page.getXML();[/code]
to get the current pyWorkPage as XML and write it to disk.

March 31, 2014 - 9:48am

We are using Pega BIX to export our workobjects to a sybase reporting db via XML. We then create views of the data then ETL it into a BO XI universe for reporting.