Can I get List Application Acces in Operator ID using Activity ?(With Selected Radio Button Too as a Default)


Can someone show me How to get List of Access Group for one Operator ID.

I would to know some operator ID have list access group, So I use Activity to browse and set the property.

but I dont know property which have list of access group in operator ID.

If i put a class Embedded class, i can get Browse property in Data-Admin-Operator-ID ??

For example :
I already got operator id list and Embedded Access group list but i dont know how to connect both of them so ican get one operator id with its access group ?

FYI : I used Pega 7.2.1



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December 26, 2016 - 10:21pm


Can you check these two Report Definitions? They will provide you some idea.

"pzGetOperatorsLinkedToCurrentAccessGroup" under Index-Operator class

"pyOperatorCount" under Data-Admin-Operator-ID class. 



December 28, 2016 - 5:13am

In your obj browse step of the activity, have the operator id as your key .