Call Show-Harness Problem

I had 2 UI pages A and B.when we click on continue button in A, it should go to next page B. There is a text box on A and it is mandatory field. beside the text box i had a Search Icon and when I clicked on Search button a new pop up will open up and there is some thing like some results(I am supposed to search for the results). when I selected on one of the result, that result is supposed to set in Text box in page A and the pop up window should close and control will be in Page A.For that I implemented code in an activity like Call Show-Harness.And in purpose I am writing ClosePopUp.It is working fine. But the problem is initially in Page A, I am hitting continue button by keeping textbox in A blank. So, at that time text box asks us for the value(Note that text box is mandatory and read only). Then I am clicking on search button to select the value into text box in Page A.New Pop Up is opening and I am selecting one of the result there. Then it should close the Pop Up window and the control should transfer to Page A. but it is not happening. Actually control is going to directly Page B even with out clicking Continue button in Page A.( But it is setting the value correctly. I checked Clip Board). Any body have any clue ??? Help appreciated. Thanks, Lenin.

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March 13, 2009 - 11:50am

Lenin, this is an interesting problem! When you select a value in pop-up and close the window how does it know what is the next harness to show??!
I think you should try tweaking your design a little bit. Do not make the text box mandatory. Instead make the label before it mandatory. So next to the label there will be a small orange star that indicates the user that they must get something in text box.
Then, put a validation at the begining of the activity you call on Continue. Check if user has selected something into the Search text box. If not show the same harness with an error message.
This will ensure that all controls are in our hand and PRPC does not jump to a unexpected control.