basic thresholds

What´s a good idea of basic thresholds e.g. browser interaction. Pega HTTP interaction standards are 1000ms. Every day there are mabye ten entries in alert log with http interaction threshold exceeded, and values around 1500ms. From my opinion this is not a bad value, and would like to set a higher threshold, but i still not sure what´s the best thing to do. Any experiences ?

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July 8, 2008 - 2:46pm

The default is 1000ms for the PEGA0001 alert for HTTP interaction. For some applications the response time is expected to exceed this due to a number of factors that are outside the control of the PRPC designer/developer. For instance a call to a 3rd party system via a connector which has a response time of 900ms or more. In this case it will be commonplace that the 1000ms threshold will be exceeded. You would be better off increasing the threshold to 1500ms or more to reflect this reality. This is done by placing a "warnMS" entry in the PRCONFIG.XML file and recycling your application server. Set the "warnMS" to whatever value is reasonable given your application architecture.

Note the setting for "excludeAssembly" being true. In the infrequent event that rules assembly has to take place, such as during the first few moments after a system recycle or after a move of rules into the environment, the time to do this assembly will not be taken into account when counting the elapsed time for this threshold.

The 3 entries you should have should look like this:

<env name="alerts/browser/interactionTimeThreshold/enabled" value="true"/>
<env name="alerts/browser/interactionTimeThreshold/excludeAssembly" value="true"/>
<env name="alerts/browser/interactionTimeThreshold/warnMS" value="1500"/>

July 9, 2008 - 6:22am

Thank you, i try some values to get rid of things that are outside of my control on the DB/PegaApplication.